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The Problem

The aim of this project is to construct a sustainable greenhouse that can be used by the entire IICS community. The facility will be accessible for everyone and the science department, gardening team and primary school has already got in touch with us in order to utilise the place once finalised. Moreover, this projects attempts to tackle different things. First, it will manage to raise awareness of global citizenship, by impelling concepts such as food miles and by increasing interest in environmentally friendly activities. Second, it will raise awareness regarding healthy food choices. This will occur as people will be able to buy locally or grown their own food, along with providing organic food choices. Third, it will enhance our school's green initiative. The project will first work on the centennial goals of 2012, in an attempt to make the school a greener and more eco-friendly place. Second, it will integrate this new facility into our school's environment orientated curriculum such as the science department. Last, we aim to foster a greater sense of community and pride by creating a gardening group and adding a new, dynamic, accessible and suitable facility into our community.

Our Plan

First, we will investigate a set of different greenhouse models that include ideas such as: plastic bottle plants, vertical gardening and pvc plastic greenhouse. Once we are well informed on the subject and have gathered enough background information, we will move ahead and create a design that incorporates sustainable characteristics. Moreover, during this process, a list with all the quotation, materials and final budget will be done. As a result, it will be shown to the schools administration and the gardening team to obtain permission and have concrete feedback. Then all the materials will be ordered and by November 25th it will also have been delivered and we could start building the facility. This process will take around two and a half week, hence the final product being finished by December 15th.

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