Green Team Visits a Landfill & Recycling Center

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    Austin, Texas
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The Problem

My wish is for students to truly understand the importance of diverting materials from landfills as they see recycling centers in action AND see an active landfill. I hope it will make the experience of using a recycling and composting bin at home or in the classroom or out at a park even more enticing as they deepen their understanding of where those items end up.

Our Plan

We will take a field trip from Maplewood Elementary to the Travis County Landfill and then to Texas Disposal System's landfill and recycling center. Students will take a tour of the facilities and learn why it is important for us to recycle correctly and to reduce, reuse, or recycle at every opportunity. Green Team students will then return to school and teach their classmates what they learned on the trip, encouraging others to earn their 3Rs badges for their classrooms as they assist our custodial team with correctly, consistently recycling and composting in the classroom.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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