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The Problem

Our wish for our project is to bring back wildlife plants and animals to one of the biggest city's in North America (Toronto). Our green roof will be a wildlife garden and sanctuary for animals, birds and insects, providing them with food, habitat and water. By planting Native wildlife flowers and plants long forgotten or pushed over by non-native plants we can bring back a variety of leafy trees and flowering plants and help birds and insects that are on the trail of instinction like Monarch Butterfly's and honey bees get back on they're feet. Our green roof will also provide insects and birds with natural, organic, growen with no use of pesticides or herbicides or any harmful substance foods. With a green roof we can also help reduce heating costs and heating production because green roofs can help keep the building warm. We can also reduce costs by providing organic vegetable and fruit products for the school cafeteria. This can help reduce the amount of inorganic products our school consumes. We are also going to collect rain water and use it to water the plants so we can reduce the amount of water we use, the cost of water and the amount of gas and environmentally unfriendly products used in the cleaning process of water.

Our Plan

As we wrote in our wishes for this project we want to bring back wildlife plants and animals, help native insects, birds and animals live in peace, provide animals with habitats, food and water, reduce production of heating and harmful gases produces by heating and feeding our school with organic fruits and vegetables. To install a green roof on the top of our school we must make some money. We will make fundraisers to make the money. We will also need money to buy the plants and maintain the garden. We can ask for donations from the students to be able to buy the plants and ask students with gardens at home to bring any extra native plants they have at home and that they don't want. We have already a little group of students and a teacher that are willing to help maintain the green roof.

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