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The Problem

My hope for this project is to see it succeed. this project will serve as a model for empowering the world. GREEN PARADISE MODEL PROJECT IS born from The association CENTRE DES HOMMES which aims to build an Ecovillage or artisnal and cultural center for young people. This green building center will create a framework for employing young people and for the transformation of the food Togo to expand the country's food security. this center would be an agricultural training without chemical Fertilizers and africa arts. come and join us. GLOBAL GOAL: Facilitate the improvement of environmental and socio-economic rural by awareness and training activities integrating a participatory and inclusive approach. Specifically, supervised activities for the fight against poverty, improved food security and living conditions of vulnerable populations nutritional, environmental monitoring and sustainable management of natural resources in agricultural areas. This project is supported by the volunteer trip in Togo. Volunteers who come to work here locally in our project in behalf of our Association by a participation fees. We are Centre des Hommes social purpose embodying the principles of fair trade artisan works we produce.

Our Plan

My project will help young people out of poverty since introducing young people to do something with their hand to their lives ganger on site. I WANT THIS PROJECT CAN BE DONE WITH THE SUPPORT OF EVERYONE. with the media on any of these forms of everyone we will succeed this project. with the participation of each of you we will win this project make it happen. this project be done by building a craft and cultural center and the construction of an eco-village on the grounds of one hectare we already have. To strengthen the monitoring of this project we have a volunteer component that strengthens the ability of expertise, support, support by young expatriate world who come here to work on site in the project that will start in January 2016 that we have met the requiert funding for this project in place.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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    Indigenous Rights

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