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The Problem

Our Roots & Shoots wish for this project is to heighten awareness for the Jane Goodall Institute and its youth component. We believe by raising awareness people will support our local projects and the Jane Goodall Institute as a whole, financially and in every other way. We have continued to receive so much support that we are re-opening this project. To date we have raised $23,500.00 and plan to continue to spread the word about JGI's work and Roots & Shoots. We have been excited by the financial support we have received and are even more enthusiastic about "Grass" Roots & Shoots fundraising! So please look for our new project!

Our Plan

My Roots & Shoots team and I began fundraising at a grassroots level in our community with people we knew well and could easily explain the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute and the role Roots & Shoots plays within the organization. As we began to heighten awareness, speak to groups, create a continuous presence in the media and talk about Dr. Goodall's life work and mission, donations have steadily increased. As awareness increases so do donations. Some of the funding we collect are made anonymously through pigs (see photo below) we have placed throughout our community and do quite well raising funds with them.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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The Benefit

About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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