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The Problem

We would like to make a community garden in the front of our school where a "dead" zone is. (Our tree died and the landscaping is not currently supporting any other plants.)

Our Plan

Check us out at: Our project will reintroduce flowers native to Michigan (butterfly weed, cardinal flowers, cone flowers, daisies, jack in the pulp, etc.) and have students plant seeds/start it this spring. Hopefully the wide variety of plants will be able to attract insects, especially butterflies, so we can examine and learn more about them. This will add biodiversity to an area that is not supporting any plant life currently. We also hope to involve our friends from lower elementary in maintaining our garden bed and learning about insect life cycles! We have some money set aside to purchase materials and soil, we have some seeds already for the spring, but we do not have enough to complete our project with hardware to build the raised bed/benches. We have also found a guest speaker who will come in to discuss rain gardens with us so we can plan our garden to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Themes Addressed

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