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The Problem

Our group is seeking to establish an international journal that will enhance the way history and global studies is taught. We also want to expand our journal to a "first day of school" tool-kits for students in low-income communities to be inspired to not only to go to school, but stay in school. The problem we see is lack of access to resources, which is affecting the student body because the viewpoints are becoming even more limited. We seek to change this by introducing a global journal publication (online first) and work with a local elementary school in the Montebello area.

Our Plan

Our timeline is a short one, we want to kick-off this project and begin our campaign quickly. We have set things in motion by working with a local elementary school and have reached out to schools across the globe to share their stories with us. Our journal seeks to share global stories and we would like to start on our tool-kits--which will be designed to fit the communities that they will be placed into. We want to develop one prototype, which will not require a lot of funding, and perhaps go from there. We are documenting everything we are doing and will reach out to different corporations, schools, social media etc to gauge the impact and thoughts of others on our project. With our feedback, we will be able to decide if this project will ultimately succeed in the long-term, which is our goal.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Indigenous Rights

The Benefit

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