Global Girlhood

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    Roslyn Hts, New York
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    Any Age

The Problem

Growing up as a female, South Asian, first-generation immigrant, I'd always look for powerful womxn who shared my skin color, background, or culture and were doing the work I wanted to do. I didn’t always have that, so I founded Global Girlhood to ensure that other girls to have access to such womxn. The organization is a manifestation of my dream to connect the globe, empower everyone, help womxn realize their potential, and give back to the community of strong womxn I've relied on.

Our Plan

Global Girlhood is revolutionizing the way womxn interact worldwide by inspiring storytelling, fostering intercultural dialogue, and building connections. Its diverse Journalists interview womxn to collect their story of empowerment; its Connectivity Contributors react to these interviews to bridge gaps and build relationships; and the pair of stories are published on all platforms to empower and inspire womxn.

Themes Addressed

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    Global Citizenship
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    Social Justice

The Benefit

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About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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