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The Problem

The DSST: Byers High School Service Learning Elective strives to build a stronger community through service and inspire others to make positive changes within their own communities. In order to achieve a positive relationship with our neighbors, all members of the Byers community need to make an effort to prevent littering.

Our Plan

We have seen an excessive amount of litter in our neighborhood. We predict this issue is a result of a lack of education about the impact of littering. Currently, we have a negative relationship with our neighbors which creates a poor reputation for our school. We would like to improve this relationship so that the neighborhood is happy to have us, and we have a positive impact on the community. Our aim for this campaign is to see students keeping each other accountable, reduce litter, and improve neighborhood relationships. Success for us would be a 50% or less reduction on the amount of trash we collect. We would see the level of accountability increase by the signing of our petition and the students reminding each other to stop littering. We will see a stronger community built by hearing less complaints about the school and more compliments. Lastly, we want our students and neighbors to be able to go outside and see the view of no trash.

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