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    Detroit, Michigan
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The Problem

The Computer Training Lab goal is to prepare economically disadvantaged individuals for the world of technology we reside in with the opportunities and skills to access the internet, the techniques of resume writing and the ability to apply for jobs online, and job training online. Our expected outcome is to promote home ownership, opening up a saving accounts and the ability to accumulate assets.

Our Plan

Our program will meet the needs of individuals seeking a better career opportunity, assets building, home ownership, savings, financial educational training and job training, while addressing poverty, illiteracy and homelessness in distressed communities. Our program will meet the needs of individuals, who goals are in becoming self-sufficiency and self-reliant through our training course of financial stability, and the learning of technology in a world of high technology. Our asset building program a major part of our financial educational training program is to promote asset ownership among economically disadvantaged individuals. The program goal is to help these individuals with financial education that will promote in in homeownership, opening a saving account and small business development initiatives.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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