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The Problem

One of my earliest memories, is hiking around Burr Pond state park in Connecticut. My Father and I would wake up bright and early in the morning, put on our hiking boots, and off we went hiking around 2 miles every summer morning. Growing up in a natural environment helped to shape my values and gave me a passion for protecting the natural world. As I got older, I was unfortunately distanced more and more from my home at Burr Pond. Now that I spend most of my days at the Crec Arts Academy in Hartford Connecticut, I desire to bring the beauty of nature to my school and share the benefits with my classmates.

Our Plan

My plan is simple, to take the concrete block outside, and transform it into a lush green garden where students can eat lunch, play, and relax. Firstly, I am working on raising the money to complete this project. I am creating water bottle drives, reaching out for donations, and speaking with local businesses. Once the money needed for this project is aquired the concrete block I meantioned before will have flowers, grasses, and bushes, all of which will contribute to a more positive experience for the students in my school. Nature has the power to connect students with Literature, Science, and History. It improves performance and concentration in school because being in nature increases dopamine levels. It gives students a place to relax and connect with their peers. IT encourages excersize and heealthy living. It helps to improve childrens mental health. It keeps kids out of trouble. Thus, if this project is finished to completion, I will leave behind a space of healthy recreation and peace for the future students who attend the CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the ARTs.

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    Community Enhancement
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