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The Problem

My classes decided we could use new garden areas. Ours are overgrown with weeds and dying plants. The wildlife in our urban setting is limited to small mammals like racoons, possums, and scavenger birds like sea gulls. We have decided a butterfly garden (or two) would serve the students and the community by attracting not only butterflies, but also useful insects and maybe even hummingbirds.

Our Plan

Our mapping project included 5 periods of middle school students identifying and visiting three different areas on our property to survey. They measured all three plots, examined the soil, and looked for life they could identify. They could name bamboo and palm trees, some small plants, and then they found ladybugs. The wonder and enjoyment these city students experienced was heartwarming. Most had never had this opportunity before and many took a ladybug back to class with them. We discussed color variation and how ladybugs are natures pesticide. I would like to send you our property map that we used to identify our three targeted areas, the diagrams the students created to record the measurements of each garden, and pictures of the process, but I don't know how to add attachments here. We are very excited to be involved in this project and I plan on using it as a springboard to an Earth Day project where we will be collaborating with our neighboring school, Le Conte. Please let me know if this mapping is sufficient to get us started on the projects. We are hoping for two butterfly gardens and one succulent garden. Our succulent garden measurements are 9' x 76'. Our butterfly gardens dimensions are 9' x 250' and 37' x 72'. We would be excited to begin one or all three gardens as soon as possible. If you need additional information please contact me at or call my cell phone at (818) 331-7454. Thank you very much for all of your help and support. Environmentally Yours, Christyn Saracino (818) 331-7454 Middle School Science Department APEX Academy 1309 N Wilton Place LA, CA 90028

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