Garden Gurus

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    Atco, New Jersey
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The Problem

On Global youth service Day in April 2017, our Leadership program in Buena NJ will host an event about our “Garden Gurus” project. The reason for this project is to start a youth-led nutrition and education program using our current community garden.

Our Plan

We plan on hosting a pop-up outdoor event where we share stories & talk about issues such as hunger, that affects our neighborhood. I imagine having a dance party, yoga, healthy cooking demonstrations & activities such as “seeds of awareness” so that people of all ages can identify their fears & insecurities- bury them as seeds in the garden- and watch them grow into nice flowers & nurturing food!We will also have a hands-on cooking demonstration not requiring a stove or oven, allowing kids to make their own snacks without adult supervision. We will educate families how to grow their own food in small spaces and on a budget. We will also sort, pack, and give out backpacks filled with food for kids.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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