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    Yorba Linda, California
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The Problem

Educational inequality, low environmental awareness

Our Plan

With the shelter-in-place, many children find themselves with more time. In our area, there are several Title 1 schools, and children from underserved communities face unique challenges. They are more likely to be left at home alone, as their parents are less likely to have the types of jobs that can have telecommuting and may have to go in to work. They are also more likely to be watching younger siblings, as their parents are less likely to be able to afford childcare (school provided them a safe place for several hours each day). Finally, they are less likely to have activities that engage their brain, not only because school is not in session but because they come from families that are less likely to have resources for extra-curriculars. The current project, “GASA,” stands for “Grab a STEM activity” and will hopefully reduce some of these problems. It provides brain stimulation, as well as free activities to pass the time. Finally, as we see skies clearing in major polluted cities, we know that this pandemic showed us that we can make a real impact on our environment. GAMA will teach kids some suggestions on how to do that. Each bag will have a STEM activity. Supplies will be given in the bag if needed. For example, one bag can have the activity to measure water in a bowl if you don’t turn off the water when brushing your teeth, compared to another day when you DO turn off the water. Another bag can have instructions on how to build a pulley, and include empty paper towel rolls, spools, cups, etc.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Zero Waste

The Benefit

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