Fundraising for Nikki and Amadeus at Chimpanzee Eden

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The Problem

Fundraise for the building of a new enclosure to Nikki and Amadeus at JGI Chimpanzee Eden, in order to save their lives.

Our Plan

We will do a series of events in order to fundraise. The first one will be a vegan fundraising dinner at a very beautiful vegetarian restaurant. The dinner will cost 15 euros per person, of which 4 are for chimp eden and the rest for the restaurant. With this project we are directly helping animals (Nikki and Amadeus) and helping human comunity (the owners of the restaurant) and indirectly helping environment, animals and humans since the food is vegan, biological and the ingredients came mainly from local areas. We have a facebook event promoting this dinner ( as well as a crowdfunding event to gather money to save Nikki and Amadeus

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