Fundraisers for Ukranian Refugees

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana
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    Community-Based Program

The Problem

Following February's Russian invasion of Ukraine, CRS and their partners in Ukraine began responding immediately to urgent needs of families both trapped within Ukraine and those forced to flee their homes as this dire situation continues to intensify, amid constant bombings and attacks. CRS and partners like Caritas are working day and night to support those suffering in Ukraine by providing evacuation to safe zones, shelter, food, water, hygiene supplies, fuel to keep warm, counseling and more. With events constantly evolving, any help is much appreciated, as these teams continue to extend emergency response efforts to hundreds of thousands of displaced and war-torn Ukrainian refugees emerging every few days, much in need of safety, food and medicine. Catholic Relief Services is an international humanitarian agency whose mission is to "provide assistance to the poor overseas without regard to race, religion or nationality by responding to emergencies and fighting poverty. For years CRS has partnered with and supported the efforts of Caritas Ukraine, providing emergency relief and recovery for tens of thousands of the 1.3 million Ukrainians already displaced from their homes due to continual conflict in the region. Together they focus on providing assistance to children and families, addressing healthcare, safe migration, and handling physical and psychological ramifications of crisis situations caused by this conflict.

Our Plan

To offer our support to children and families suffering under the weight of this tragedy, we have partnered with some local charities and churches to raise funds for emergency response efforts in Ukraine, to aid CRS and their partners in responding to the urgent humanitarian needs of Ukrainian families affected by this crisis.

Themes Addressed

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    Displaced People
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The Benefit

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