Fundraiser for our Syrian Sister School serving children displaced by the Syrian Civil War

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    Wakefield, Massachusetts
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The Problem

We hope to raise money for our Sister School, which serves 700 first through sixth graders, and their families, who have been displaced, and lost close family members, and are living in temporary dwellings, in the Idlib region of Syria. We also hope through this fundraiser to get the word out about this project in our school community and beyond it to the wider community and begin to engage people with this Sister School Project and with the efforts of our Club in general.

Our Plan

We will be putting out flyers, an email to the members of our school community, and order forms for individuals and families to pre-order Harrow's Chicken Pies dinners (including chicken pies of various sizes, dessert pies, rolls and chicken salad) to pick up at the school when they pick up their student on Tuesday, March 28 paying regular retail prices, but for which Harrow's is providing us the food (if we pre-order by noon on Friday) at a 50% discount so we will be able to raise a 50% of the sales sum for the Club and for the Syrian Sister School Project.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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