From Precipitation to Drinking Fountain

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    Windsor, Colorado
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The Problem

Our students this year chose to study about water in our area. We are in an arid climate system so they will be learning about how we get our water, how we use our water and why it is so important to use water conservation to protect our water.

Our Plan

We will trace our water sources in our area including going on a field trip as described: We could follow the water from Windsor Lake to the pumps at Diamond Valley Ballfields. The water leaves the lake and travels thru a set of meters then travels over catch grates and down to Chimney Park. There it is goes thru a diversion box where some of the water stays at and Eastman and the rest goes under a few houses and a few more diversion boxes where it stops at Diamond Pond where it can be pumped out to water the fields or returned to the ditch and back to the Poudre River. This will help our students to have a better understanding about the infrastruction of our water system. We will also have speakers that help them to better understand the current issue of building more storage for our water to keep it here in our area. They will also have the chance to be part of the Weld County Well Watch program that tests temperature, nitrates, disolved oxygen level, depth and pH. This knowledge will help them to decide how we want to inform our community on the effects of our water shortages. We ultimately want our students to have an overall awareness of our local water and their impact on their enviornment through their water usage and protecting our water. Through learning about the well, the water pump, and having access to the Poudre River, students will gain a better understanding and be able to share with our student body and the community the importance of water in our world.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

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