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The Problem

In December last year my best friend Selam invited me to visit the country where she was born, Ethiopia. We visited her family as well as several schools and charities. One of my favourite places was an eco-lodge on top of the mountains, above the city of Lalibela, the Hudad. The people were so generous and warm, they live very isolated, and the closest school is a 3 hour steep walk down the mountain. It was like heaven on earth and I felt so connected that I thought one day I want to come back, build a school and teach the wonderful children. Once back in Australia I told my family about my dream and a little seed was planted. Together with our families and friends, Selam and I are raising money so we can go and help the Abuchagula community to build the school so that their children will have the opportunity to learn how to read and write. The school will also teach adults sustainable organic farming methods which will help to protect and conserve the local environment.

Our Plan

Our group of friends (The friends of the Hudad) are aiming to raise $50,000. We have received several donations but still more needs to be done. We are organising a Benefit concert on August 23, with local Ethiopian musicians and artists, and our local primary school (Clifton Hill primary) and Melbourne Girls' College (MGC) are involved as well . Once we have the money needed, Selam's and my family and friends will go to Ethiopia to help the community build the school. For more information follow our journey on

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