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The Problem

Hello! I am Jerred Branch; Student, Horticulturist, and overall Nature enthusiast. I am a Horticulturist at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic garden which is an 86 acre non-profit organization and educational facility in the foothills of Claremont, Ca. This Garden is the home of many endangered plants as well as large populations of nearly threatened wildlife (i.e. Sciurus griseus or the Western Grey Squirrel), from all of the California Indigenous plant communities. The South West portion of the Garden borders what used to be the Claremont Golf course. This land is now inhabited by dying swards of turf, the occasional squatter, and an enourmous amount of wildlife. My wish and dream would be to recreate this area as a Free admission extension/partner to our Garden. I would like to have a full range of outdoor activities available, these may include; archery, a fitness course, a nature center so people can experience the local wildlife first hand, ect. *I am NOT writing as a representative of RSABG

Our Plan

I would like to create a California native plant /xeriscape (low water use) park, that will provide habitat to our diverse wildlife, as well as a learning tool to educate the community on the importance of eliminating the use of Turf grass in landscapes to conserve water. I will accomplish this by helping to organize a team of landscape architects, volunteers, and donors from varying fields whom may share in my vision of a place that I like to call. the Freelands park Thank you, Jerred Branch *I am NOT writing as a representative of RSABG

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Indigenous Rights
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