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The Problem

We fed 200 families of x prisoners and collected gifts and winter clothes to hand out on the 18th of Dec. We wish to continue to Affect Lives expressed in this video:

Our Plan

The plan provided a Christmas Lunch for 200 families of x prisoners. We raised $2110 to make this event possible. We are collected gifts for these families have no other resources available to them. We have hosted this luncheon for x prisoners and their families for 3 years now. The testimony of some of the x prisoners at the luncheon are profiles in courage, grit and determination as they try to turn their lives around. On Dec 11th the team got together and brought gifts for these families. On Dec 12th we hosted a chess tournament where we raised additional funds and asked the tournament players to bring more gifts as well. Our team consists of the following Youth who have won the Presidential Service Award from the White House for their humanitarian work. They are: Ethan Gagliano, Pranav and Prashant Ramachandra, Prathik Kandimalla, Jack and Jane Bradley, Vishal, Varun and Rohan Ahuja, Toby Schwartz, Lyle and Zach Green, Millan and Jevan Srivastava, Sidhu and Abijeet Gehlaut, Eleanore Marwijk van Kooy, Kayla Smith, Aryan and Aushi Shah, Jack Bongiorno, Toby Schwartz, Sidhu Gehlaut, Yasoob and Nabil Rasheed, Sanjaya and Sahitya Maheshwaram

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