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The Problem

My wish for this project is that students will be inspired to choose and prepare seasonal, local, and organic foods. Studies have shown that when preteens choose their own food, they are more likely to eat. When preteens prepare their own food, they eat healthier. Preteens are the target of multinational snack food companies. Giving preteens the chance to select food from local farmers' markets, and to prepare dishes that interest them will help them learn healthy lifelong eating habits. Plus, food waste is one of our most prevalent environmental problems. When kids like the foods they prepare, they will waste less, which means less food in the landfills.

Our Plan

My project will give students the chance to prepare foods that they want to eat as well as introducing new foods to them. Each year, I walk with students to the farmers' market. This year, I want to give them a chance to select and buy produce to take back to school so that we can prepare interesting dishes. I am hoping to use a Roots and Shoots grant to purchase items like olive oil, vinegar, spices, pasta, and other food staples that will be used in the food preparation. Also, I plan to purchase a camp stove to prepare pasta, rice, and other basic foods for the kids to use in their dishes. We will prepare the food in our school garden. We have six picnic tables and there are some plants we can use to enhance the dishes like peppers, arugula, mint, anise, and more. Since the garden is thriving the pleasant outdoor setting is conducive to food preparation.

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