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    Wilmington, North Carolina
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The Problem

At our school, Noble Middle School, there is an outdoor learning center. So far, it consists of benches to sit on and a mature tree for shade. We thought it would make the area look better if we planted gardens of flowers.

Our Plan

We started by thinking about what issues we wanted to take action on and after voting, we decided to create flower gardens around the school's outdoor learning center. We scouted out the areas we wanted to plant the flowers first. then we researched the kinds of flowers that will grow in the southeastern part of the USA. Being in a coastal town, we have sandy soil and humid summers with lots of sunshine. With that in mind, we bought flowers including day lilies, wildflowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies and wildflowers that will grow in the shade garden. Next, we dug up the garden beds and loosened up the soil. We added the flowers, flower seeds and supplements for the soil. We gathered pine straw from under the nearby pine trees and spread it over all the beds to help retain moisture. Plus, it made it look "finished". Finally, we spread some of our "910 ROCKS!" around the school campus which have painted messages of positivity on them. We have been watering the gardens almost daily. The day lilly garden is doing well. The shade garden and zinnias have also sprouted and we are excited to see what flowers were in the wildflower fragrant mix!

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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