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    Oakland, New Jersey
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The Problem

The goal of this project is school beautification through horticulture and environmental studies. The target audience is Kindergarten through eighth grade. The final accomplishment will be a hanging garden on the chain link fences surrounding the play area in the back of the property.

Our Plan

Done through the 2019-2020 school year. The learning objective to the kindergarten students is to learn the parts of a seed and observing and measuring process of germination. One of the science and math learning outcomes for Kindergarten is to identify the factors that affect plant growth including soil, water, and light. Students will plant seeds and observe their growth over time in different conditions to identify which factors are essential for plant growth. The learning objective for the elementary students is assess the environmental conditions related to plant growth. Students will test a variety of soil types (top soil, potting soil, sand, water, organic and conventional) and determine which type of soil leads to more productive plant growth. The learning objective for middle school students is to design and implement a building project. The students will use the equipment purchased through grant funding to design and build the hanging garden. The Middle School will have leadership roles by facilitating the research projects in the elementary school and kindergarten. The middle school students will also use our soil test kits to collect data on the different t types of soil used by the elementary students.

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    Community Enhancement

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