Feeding Winter Woodland Animals

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    Madison, Wisconsin
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The Problem

The children are learning about endangered and protected wildlife. They want to help feed the wildlife surrounding our campus. In addition to feeding wildlife during the snow season when food is scare, we also hope to learn what nocturnal animals are living in our forest. They children also hope to learn which animals eat which food.

Our Plan

Starting February 8th, the children will begin by drawing a map of the campus and include all the wildlife they have seen. Then they will cut open a couple of pumpkins from our gardens, fill them with dried corn, goat grain, and birdseed. The children will place the pumpkins in the woods boarding the east side of our school campus. Teachers will place a camera to video record animals that come to eat from the pumpkins day and night. The children will hypothesize what animals will visit their pumpkin feeders over the next month. They will also use the clues they have learn about to identify what animals came, by looking for the tracks, fur, and scat of the animals.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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