Feeding the Animals

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    Sterling, Virginia
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The Problem

The wish for this project is for the animals that are in the animal shelter to have a sweet treat and know that they are loved. We as a school donate toys and food to the animals yearly yet, want to have the students understand how to grow, bake, and create those same items. Our wish is for the kids to take away the knowledge that showing you care doesn't mean you have to shop at a store but that time, effort, and love can go a long way in an animals eye.

Our Plan

Our project is to grow catnip and pumpkins to harvest. After that we will create toys and dog treats out of our crops. We are going to grow our plants in the schools flower beds and sew the seeds in an indoor raised bed. After harvesting the crops we will spring into action. The catnip will be dried and stuffed into hand made mouse toys and the pumpkins will be gutted and used to bake pumpkin cookies and pumpkin and peanut butter cookies. These items will then be hand delivered to the local animal shelter.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Pets & Companion Animals

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