Feeding, cleaning and Raptor aviary maintenance at Wild At Heart – Raptors ( rescue, rehabilitation and release center for birds of prey. )

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    Phoenix, Arizona
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The Problem

My wish is for rescued raptors of Phoenix , Arizona to have a safe and clean, nurturing, safe nesting aviary so they can heal and return to their habitats upon recovery.

Our Plan

Wild At Heart is a rescue, rehabilitation and release center for birds of prey. Its primary purpose is to rescue injured owls, hawks, falcons and eagles; rehabilitate them; and, ultimately, release them back into the wild. Its guiding mission is to do what is in the best interest of these magnificent birds. Wild At Heart is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We, and our birds, are volunteer and donation supported. At Wild At Heart we do all the following: Rescue, rehabilitate, and release birds of prey which have been injured or orphaned. Relocate displaced burrowing owls. Manage species recovery programs. Manage habitat enhancement projects. Provide educational presentations. I plan to collect family and friends to form a group. Our group will travel to Wild At Heart Raptors rescue center to help clean the habitat, feed the birds and maintain the aviaries. This will help the birds of prey that have been rescued to have a safe nesting place to recover from their injuries. The chicks and adult owls have pellets in the aviaries and we plan to clean the aviaries with dry brooms and then with water hose. We plan to trim any bushes and assist with hauling landscape debris. We will help birds needing to be fed and relocated to other aviaries. Our goal is to make the rescue habitat for raptors a safe and clean environment and nesting place for healing and recovery.

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