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The Problem

The Feed the Pigs initiative was started as a way to reduce and hopefully eliminate the food waste we create as a pre-K-12 school. Students will understand why food waste is a problem for public health and the environment. All stakeholders involved will feel a sense of pride that they are taking an active role in reducing our impact on the Earth as well as helping farmers in our community.

Our Plan

Forest Park Feed the Pigs ______________________________________________________________________________________ Date: April 2019 Instructional Location: Cafeteria Objective: Explain why food waste is a problem. Describe what happens to food waste Identify strategies to reduce food waste Goal: To save money, reduce our impact on the Earth, and help local farmers in our community, all students, staff members, and visitors will eliminate food waste in the cafeteria. To dispose of food and liquid scraps into labeled 5 gallon buckets on a daily basis. Essential Questions: Why is wasting food a problem for public health and the environment? How can we reduce food waste? Materials Needed: Lesson plan from http://www.foodspanlearning.org/_pdf/lesson-plan/unit3/lesson13-wasted-food-lessonplan.pdf 5 gallon buckets Lids labels Direct Instruction: Follow detailed lesson plan from the link above. Practice: Model for students the steps they need to take to dispose of the materials in their breakfast and lunch properly. Feed the Pig buckets will be placed on the ground next to the garbage cans. All food and liquid scraps go in the buckets labeled Feed the Pigs. Fill only to the marked line. Everything else goes in the garbage can Stack tray neatly or zip up lunch bag Sit back at seat Explain how the Feed the Pig helper will help (make sure students are disposing of waste appropriately, put a lid on the bucket when it reaches the line, set out a new bucket) **Cafeteria staff** Place all food scraps from meal prep or spoiled food in buckets. **Mr. Nate’s class** Pick up buckets at 12:30 and place outside of receiving room. Farmers will empty the buckets into their own. Return the buckets to the kitchen to be washed for the next day. Notes: Mrs. Ziegler will teach the lesson. She will also be in the cafeteria for the first week or so to help ensure the steps are followed appropriately. Teachers will designate a Feed the Pig helper each week. That person will make sure everyone is disposing of their waste appropriately. They will also help put lids on the full buckets and get more buckets to replace the ones that are full. Mr. Nate’s students will haul the buckets from the cafeteria to the loading dock after lunch. The Firnges farmers from Amasa and Kara Woolard will empty the buckets at 12:30 every day.

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