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The Problem

My Aim is for people to understand that their actions make a greater impact on the wellbeing of our mother earth, and that the only way to move forward and undo what we have done is to take action. The only way to change is to change! I would hope for children in particular to grow up in a life knowing they are a part of a wider community and that mother earth is the very thing that feeds them and why they exist. so to create more awareness to a point of the next generations to simply just be living in harmony with planet Earth instead of continuing with the detrimental patterns we have made. I would also hope that by teaching and instilling these values into younger youth and by allowing them to experience life in a higher way, where technology doesn't rule their learning but instead learning from the natural world to create a happier human race.

Our Plan

My project is simply to create awareness among all individuals that can spread the word on all issues regarding our home at large (Earth) and to bind together to create a strong community based on teaming together to do the necessary steps to accomplish the most eco friendly way of living, by watching what you eat, no meat or packaged foods need to be cut down or completely diminished. How many plants we grow a month, my aim is to grow one plant a month or more and to encourage others to want to do the same. To find ways of slowing down our carbon footprint and air pollution by not using cars as often and using solar power if we can. Also how we teach our children and our connectedness to the planet, and to teach our children that the world is at their feet and every footprint counts. Not only will the next generation be raised as aware loved kind and caring individuals but at the same time they will be the next leaders in a movement that is imperative the health and wellbeing of all living things.

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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