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The Problem

Being in the heart of Texas's Bell County, COME is privileged to serve a wide and diverse audience with various needs. We are based in Belton, TX, less than 25 miles away from Fort Hood. As such, our service area is home to the largest military veteran population in the United States. Our constituents come from all walks of life, including a range of war veterans, homeless citizens, victims of abuse, previous felons, students, food pantries, and shelters, all requiring different levels of help. We operate to help the underserved, the overlooked, the rejected, the outcasts, and anyone in between. According to the US last census, Bell County had a poverty rate of about 13.8%, which was considerably higher than the national average of 10.5%. Even worse, while the United States Department of Agriculture calculated the national rate of food insecure homes was 10.5 in 2019, Feeding Texas ™ currently reports that in Bell County, the percent of food insecure homes is at an alarming 21%, double that of the national average. Combating food insecurity during the midst of a global pandemic that has crippled economies and impeded many individuals from obtaining necessities has further complicated circumstances. We are only months removed from witnessing the highest unemployment rate the United States has ever seen at 14.7% and although that number has fallen in recent months, we are now looking at the worst inflation rate the nation has seen in decades. The loss of wages that our communities are currently experiencing, coupled with other negative factors and the preexisting causes of poverty and food insecurity, has only increased the need for help from those that we serve. The success of the Feed My Sheep program will see the effects of poverty and food insecurity alleviated, while also serving as a model that can be reproduced on a national stage.

Our Plan

The Feed My Sheep Program epitomizes the spirit in which Community Outreach Ministry Efforts (COME) operates. Using our onsite garden and henhouse, we cultivate healthy vegetables, fruits, and eggs. In addition to our homegrown food products, we accumulate other food products through community partners, such as restaurants and food chains. The program is unique in that it will enable us to serve as both a producer and direct distributor of food to the less fortunate, while giving patrons a safe place to comfortably eat a good meal. By incorporating renewable and efficient energy sources into our program, we will be able to responsibly sustain the Feed My Sheep Program for many generations. Our success will be in putting food in the hands of those that need them the most and being able to aid local food banks, food kitchens, shelters, and other places of help in the fight against food insecurity and poverty. In addition to distributing clothing and other essential goods, our plan is to distribute at least 10,020 lbs. of food per year, so that a minimum of 167 people can each receive 5 pounds of food every month of the year. We look forward to this number being just like a seed, and over time, blossoming into an even larger number so that those we serve can not only be provided with necessities of life, but so that also have a reason to smile and a warmed heart to go with it.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Insecurity
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