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The Problem

The Atlantic Forest, currently one of the most biodiverse biomes in Brazil, predominates in the Itabapoana watershed area. However, advances in human activities in this region lead to significant losses of important and endemic species. The lack of cutting-edge research related to local fauna and flora has accentuated this problem. With the aim of reversing this scenario, an effort aimed at fauna research in the region aims to gather relevant data on local species. This initiative not only fills gaps in scientific knowledge, but also promotes awareness and spread of understanding about the importance of conservation.

Our Plan

By focusing on endemic species, whose existence is restricted to this specific region, we intend to highlight the uniqueness and vulnerability of this ecosystem. The dissemination of acquired knowledge can contribute to raising awareness among the local community, authorities and society in general about the urgency of adopting effective preservation measures. Thus, through research, collection and sharing of information about the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Forest in the Itabapoana river basin, it is expected not only to mitigate the losses that have already occurred, but also to create a solid basis for future conservation and management actions. sustainability of this valuable ecosystem

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Biodiversity Loss
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The Benefit

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