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The Problem

Our food that we eat is butchered and sent through factories harming animals and our environment. We may think that animals that we eat (such as cows, pigs, etc.) live nice lives in the fields but they are basically packed together in metal cages! This project is about taking care of animals and our environment. We can do that by eating organic, slow food, and purchasing from local farms!

Our Plan

We are exploring Vegetarianism and Slow Food by making healthy, environmental-friendly choices and exploring different foods and the best places to buy them! If people participate in helping this, then (hopefully) factory farming will go away! This is a private family project, but you can help participate! Just make healthy food choices and explore the links down below! My family is planting a garden, going to farmers market, eating organic and being more educated consumers. I hope you join us! By making small changes in our daily lives, we can make BIG changes in the world around us!

Themes Addressed

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    Environmental Justice
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    Factory Farming
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    Food Choices
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    Industrial Agriculture

The Benefit

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