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The Problem

Here at San Fernando Middle School we believe in developing socially minded leaders by encouraging kindness and care on our campus and in our community. Our wish for the Falcons Go Green Campaign is to integrate healthy food alternatives into our students’ meals, encourage our students to model healthy eating habits for their families, and foster eco-friendly leaders in our community. With support from the Roots and Shoots Campaign, we will be one step closer to making our wish a reality.

Our Plan

Our project will inform students of the physical and mental health benefits associated with gardening and how they can be change agents in their community. Our students are impacted by crime, poverty, and gang violence on a daily basis so in order to combat these daily stresses, that can hinder their educational experience, our project will provide a healthy escape for our students. Students will be taught proper care, maintenance, and upkeep of their garden by Mr. Lennahan our 8th grade science teacher. In the process of caring for the plants I hope for this to be a meditative experience for them too. Additionally, our project will encourage students to eat more healthy foods by informing them of recipes they can use their vegetables for. Further, our project will enhance our students overall learning outcomes by incorporating a more hands on learning experience through their interactions with the garden.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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