Faces Of The Endangered

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    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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The Problem

My name is Bria, I am 9 years old and I want to save the animals. I read about all of the endangered animals and I couldn't believe what is happening to these wonderful creatures. I want to paint all the endangered animals and donate the money to give them a face so they don't disappear.

Our Plan

I am painting these pictures of endangered animals because I want people to know that they are loosing their habits and food. It makes me feel super sad so I want to help by selling these paintings and donating the money to make sure none these wonderful animals ever go extinct. Please like and share my Facebook page where you can see all of my paintings! This project will be on going because I want to paint 3,000 animals over the next 9 years. As of right now I have donated $4,000 to IFAW. If you are interested, you can look at my gallery or buy prints here. http://www.artpal.com/Pigtailsart https://facebook.com/Facesoftheendangered/

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    Community Enhancement
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    Pets & Companion Animals
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The Benefit

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