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The Problem

The Fab Fourth Grade Starfish Change-makers will continue to write their own starfish stories throughout the school year and encourage their school community to do the same. They know there are a lot of problems that face our local and global communities including poverty, homeless pets, conflict, bullying, global warming, endangered species, lack of access to clean water, and a general lack of empathy. Therefore, they will learn more about these issues, educate others and work in groups--embarking on their own personal missions to make a difference. Our students have expressed interest in creating their own psa's and building a class website that shares their kind acts, kind acts they witnessed and teaching others about important problems plaguing their local and global communities while trying to come up with solutions. It is also our year long mission to do whatever we can to build empathy, community and focus on everything that makes us one. They will also conduct research and embark on a variety of activities that will educate others about these important issues and help raise money for a couple of local organizations that will choose.

Our Plan

Each child will create a "Starfish-Respect for All Living Things" scrapbook that will feature their responses to all activities with photos, articles, essays, reflections, book reviews and much more. They will invite the public to respond to their blog posts, videos, psa's and hopefully, receive responses to their letter writing campaigns and petitions. And we hope to raise a lot of $$$ with our musical fundraiser, palm oil free bake sale and sale of class magazine. They will continually self assess their learning with frequent personal reflections, partner activities and Socratic Seminar style class discussions that will take place throughout the process.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety
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    Pets & Companion Animals
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The Benefit

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