Exploring the World With Compasses

  • Location
    Lutz, Florida
  • Status
  • Age Level
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

Limited Outdoor Engagement: In today's digital age, many students and community members are increasingly disconnected from the natural environment and spend more time indoors, leading to a lack of engagement with outdoor activities and learning. Environmental Disconnection: There is a growing disconnection between individuals and the natural world, leading to reduced awareness of local ecosystems, trees, and the environment in general. Educational Opportunities: There is a need for innovative and engaging educational opportunities that promote learning outside the traditional classroom, fostering skills in navigation, geography, and outdoor exploration. Community Interaction: Community interaction and collaboration, especially between students and local residents, may be limited, affecting community cohesion and involvement. Physical Fitness and Well-being: An increasingly sedentary lifestyle can lead to physical health issues. Promoting outdoor activities like geocaching can improve physical fitness and well-being. Your project addresses these problems by using geocaching as a tool to reconnect people with the environment, promote outdoor learning, encourage community interaction, and enhance physical well-being. It offers a multifaceted solution to these challenges by combining education, community engagement, and environmental awareness in a fun and interactive manner.

Our Plan

Geocaching, a high-tech treasure hunting game, has gained immense popularity over the years, engaging individuals of all ages in the pursuit of hidden treasures. At Learning Gate Community School, we see an opportunity to harness the excitement and educational potential of geocaching as a means to foster outdoor learning, teamwork, and community engagement. Our plan is to initiate a geocaching adventure program on our school campus and expand it into the broader community.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Invasive Species

The Benefit

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