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The Problem

A member of our group has a son named Logan, Logan was born with severe autism, but he doesn't let it define him. Logan is 10 years old, and is an easy-going, happy, fun-loving, amazing boy! To know Logan means knowing true happiness and innocence! Along with all of this Logan also has an extreme lack of safety awareness. Logan can/will run into a busy street or parking lot, unknowing of the potential danger. Logan will also willingly walk with anyone anywhere if they hold his hand. These things make it difficult for Logan's family to take him out into the community, which is why we are hoping to raise enough money for him to be able to get a service dog.

Our Plan

Our project would be able to give Logan the freedom he has never been able to have. The service dog would literally always be tethered to Logan, allowing his family to relax a little more when they are out in public. Logan's service dog wouldn't let him run into a busy street or parking lot, or let him wander off with strangers. Logan is also prone to self-harming when he feels overstimulated or anxious, and the service dog would be trained to be lay on his lap, and calm Logan down when that happens. Another huge thing that the service dog would do for Logan would be that it would act as a best friend of sorts. Logan is completely non-verbal, which makes it difficult for him to communicate with peers, but a service dog would always be there, they would be best friends eventually family as Logan grows up. Our biggest fundraiser is going to be a 5k run/walk, Logan can't run at them, but his dad has always taken him to them and ran while he pushed Logan in a stroller like thing. Most of my team, including myself, are high school students, so we are going to do things at our school such as selling different baked things, doing a 5 minutes to win it, and different things to help us raise more money for Logan.

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