Evening Tuition Center in 16 village from Tiruparankundram Block, Madurai District, India through Sustain Income Generation Project for Marginal Women Community

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The Problem

We Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust) focused to work on Children with special needs and their families tend to be overlooked and stigmatized. Mostly these are the children who are not regular to classes due to various reasons. Like irregular attendance, caste discrimination, burden of household work, low income families, health problems, stigma of backwardness, physical disabled. Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust) will ensure that every child with special needs, irrespective of the kind, category and degree of disability, is provided education in an appropriate environment. The thrust of Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust) will be on providing integrated and inclusive education to all children with special needs in general schools. It will also support a wide range of approaches, options and strategies for education of children with special needs. This includes education through learning, special schools, model remedial teaching, part time classes and community based rehabilitation (CBR) and cooperative program.

Our Plan

Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training Trust (Asset Trust) envisages the following are the broad strategies of project to promote quality education in Villages .  Promotion of 25 Non formal Education Centers to around 1075 needy boy and girl children with quality education and joyful learning to retention them in main stream education.  Learning Centre decoration and preparation of teaching and learning materials along with children. 6  To support the development of classrooms for children with disabilities within regular schools.  Provision of Devices, Appliances and calipers for the children with disability.  Arrangement of excursion/exposure visit of children like Science exhibition, Zoo, Historical places, cinema and park.  Provision of supplementary nutritious food to reduce malnourishment Remedial Education Centre : The first step to planning the child's learning in a Remedial Centre, starts with assessing his/her level of learning/ grasping ,and diagnosing the problems that interfere with certain concepts, or in connecting different ideas, etc across various disciplines. Once this is identified, appropriate remedies for overcoming these difficulties are identified in accordance with the child's learning style. Teacher volunteers will train on the process of identifying the various learning disabilities, and helping individual children learn better. Simple remedies for the improvement of classroom dynamics go a long way in helping children learn better. The classroom processes are child centered. Use of appropriate and adequate activities to allow children to learn at their own pace while emphasizing progression through the curriculum. The teacher to work as a facilitator in the multi-level teaching-learning process. To make the learning effective, use of appropriate learning material (textbooks, workbooks, activity cards or sheets, multi-grade kits). Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of learners to assess the ability of children before they get mainstreamed and also the quality of education provided in the center. Strengthening Girl Child Education: 50% of girl children in villages get dropped out after 8-9th Standard and 70% after 10th standard. Going to High school remains a dream for large number of girl children because of economic problem, taboos attached with girl child education. Asset Trust- Establish 25 Sustain Non formal Education Center at 25 Villages from Thiruparankundram block, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu project is working in addressing this issue and noticed high dropout of girl children after completing 10th standard. This is where we are working with families and individual girls to go for higher education by counseling and integrating them with the facilities available in the area. Excursion of children to Historical places/zoo/scientific exhibitions: Engaging children in the activities like childhood exchange programmes will build self esteem and help develop social skills as well as help their overall growth. It will act as forum for children from two or more neighboring villages to gather together, at one location and participate in cultural and sport activities, and also enhance their cultural and intellectual skills. These activities help in build self esteem and help develop social skills as well as their overall growth. This activity will support children in terms of positive impact on social behavioral and effective communication among children in bridge and remedial education centers. Hence Asset Trust plans exposure visit programmes during project period and the 7 activity will also support other children who are in lower grade in the schools and also other dropout children. Provision of supplementary nutritious feeding: The supplementary nutritious feeding activity which is key intervention for nutritional support to poor children will indeed brought many children into center and assures their retention at center. However, it will be conducted with the due seriousness it deserves. A different food recipe will be provided on each of the six days in a week in each month. Support with appliances to the children with special needs with the consultation of expert, District Education Department district/State level disable rehabilitation centers. This activity will support children in terms of positive impact on social behavioral and effective communication.

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