Esperanza Community Garden

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    camden, New Jersey
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The Problem

We want to help with the food desert issue that continues to harm a lot of Camden residents. Our wish is to have a community garden in North Camden that will allow residents access to free and healthy produce without having to travel far.

Our Plan

We are part of the organization, Hopeworks, a non-profit based in Camden, NJ. The city has had a difficult history but is home to many strong and resilient residents who look to improve their communities. One way that we help Camden is through our community garden, Esperanza Community Garden. The garden was created back in 2011 to help reduce the food scarcity issue in North Camden, which was due to the lack of grocery stores. Because many residents don’t have the kind of yard that would allow them to grow produce, those who wish to can use the plots in the garden to grow their own produce for free. They now have the opportunity to grow and collect free produce, without having to travel far. We also want to provide assistance in the process by helping with removing weeds and watering. Those who do not grow their own produce are still welcome to utilize the plants already in the garden to acquire produce during the warm months of the year. Whatever produce is left is donated to the church across the street for their weekly food drives. We want members of the community to feel welcome in this space.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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