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The Problem

The is a five months project that aims at investigating the socio-economic impacts of the Gibe III Dam, now under construction on the Middle Omo River, and a related large-scale irrigation development in the Lower Omo Basin in Ethiopia. It is expected that this project will cause a cascade of hydrological, ecological and socio-economic impacts that will generate a region-wide crisis for indigenous livelihoods and biodiversity around Lake Turkana. This project primarily aims to mitigate socio-economic impacts on the nearly 4,000 fishers of Lake Turkana in Kenya. These fishing communities are already ravaged by poverty due to the harsh climatic conditions in the region. The harsh climate has worsened social and economic conditions of the local communities as a result of drastically reduced capacity of the fishery of Lake Turkana. This project will study the available opportunities for diversification of livelihoods and economic activities. It will also provide policy recommendations that aim at harnessing the available resources more effectively for the benefit of the fishing communities primarily and other riparian communities secondarily. The project will enhance the capacity of the local communities to negotiate for increased support to diversify household and community livelihoods through increased economic opportunies. Thirdly, it is expected that the studies carried out under this project will enhance informed decision making in formulating policies on mitigation of the anticipated negative environmental impacts.

Our Plan

5 months. 1. Total Economic Valuation of the fishing economy 2. Socio-economic Impact Assessment on the fishing and other riparian communities of Lake Turkana 3. Information Dissemination for Policy Influencing and Awareness Creation 4. Strengthening networks of Non State Actors around advocacy for adoption/exploration of alternative livelihoods options 5. Advocacy training Outcome 1: Increased and harmonized awareness concerning the socio-economic implications for the depletion of Lake Turkana fisheries on the fishing-dependent and other riparian communities Outcome 2: Policy support for the social and economic needs and priorities of the fishing communities of Lake Turkana Outcome 3: Enhanced local capacity for advocacy

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    Clean Water
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    Food Choices

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