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    Thornton, Colorado
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The Problem

Our fourth graders walked around the school campus and mapped out ares that needed improvement (they focused on human problems). The main problem they identified was that our school doesn't look like an elementary school from the front. (It was a middle school for years and was converted to a K-8). The kids identified three planters out front for which they wanted to design public art. The engineering and art teacher have teamed up on this campaign.

Our Plan

Our project will help to unite our community and will make the students feel more connected to their building. It would showcase the students engineering and design skills. Students will consider: How can we build sculptures that will stand up to elements while staying within the building constraints of the placement? Enduring Understandings Students understand structural integrity. Students understand the engineering design cycle. Essential Questions What materials can be used to withstand different environments? What are our building limitations? How much do our materials cost? How do we manipulate these materials? How do we keep our structures together?

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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