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The Problem

The Arroyo Ambassadors, a group of 4th and 5th grade student leaders at our school, is working on making our meeting room (also used for teacher meetings and planning) into a model room/example of a low energy use space that other classrooms can learn from. Our school district gave each school data about how much energy is consumed. The Arroyo Ambassadors want to make a model of how this energy amount can be reduced. They would like to explore using battery powered lights and using solar chargers to recharge batteries, as well as unplugging and turning off any unused appliances.

Our Plan

Our R&S team will set up Room 11 as a model in energy conservations. We will explore ways we can light the room and be more conscious about not leaving unused technology and appliances on and plugged in out of habit. The group will ask to have access to the district energy consumption data to show if there was any improvement based on the practices they model. They will also be able to ask classrooms about practices they changed during this campaign.

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