Endangered Species

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    endangered species is happening all over the world.
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The Problem

We wish for the poachers and people that are destroying the animal's habitats to stop. We want people to care more about the animals that are disappearing from this world. We know that the poachers only kill to earn money cause they are poor but there are other ways of earning money for personal trophies. Over and over again there is the killing of innocent animals. We are losing the tiger population because either their habitat is being destroyed or poachers are killing them for there bones and or fur. Pandas are also in danger. People are taking their habitats, causing their population to decrease. Polar bears are endangered because of global warming which is melting the polar bear's habitat.

Our Plan

We are trying to grab important people attentions. We are planning to volunteer at http://www.massaudubon.org/get-outdoors/wildlife-sanctuaries/wellfleet-bay . If you are interested the massaudubon goes and rescues turtles that are being blown the wrong direction and some of the turtles are endangered. Please help save ENDANGERED SPECIES.

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety
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