Endangered Animals

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    Kampung Pulau Perhentian Kecil
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The Problem

Malaysia carries about six critically endangered to endangered animal species; Malayan Tiger, Sumatran Rhino, Malayan Tapir, Orang Utan, Hawksbill Turtle and Green Sea Turtle. Two of which are largely located in Perhentian Island, which are the Hawksbill Turtle (critically endangered) and Green Sea Turtle (endangered). The aim of this project is to get the children from the village of Perhentian Island to have an awareness about this major problem that is currently existing in their community as well as their country. Educating them about poachers and why these animals are getting hunted down regularly.

Our Plan

Roots and Shoots classes runs once a week. Every week the kids will learn about different animals and why they are getting extinct. After every class, the kids have to write down what they've learnt in the computer and talk about it on video. By the end of the 2 months, the video will then be put together to create an Endangered animals awareness video and it will uploaded on youtube for other people to see.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety
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The Benefit

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