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    Denver, Colorado
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The Problem

I want to become an Elephant Ambassador. Even though we do not have elephants in Colorado, I think it is important that everyone knows how important these beautiful animals are to the world. Elephants are endangered, and they are being killed by the minute for decorations and jewelry, it is sad that people cannot see the damage they are causing to elephants, to the environment, and to the world by killing them.

Our Plan

I am going to become an expert on Elephants, and then use my voice to educate my communities in Colorado. I want to create ways we can support conservation efforts for elephants, and teach people it is important to care about their well being, even though we don't see them everyday, or even have them living in our state! I don't want to be part of the generation responsible for these amazing animals to become extinct, I want to be part of the generation that stats to bring their populations back!

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