Eems-Dollard estuary, Dutch Wadden Sea

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The Problem

The Wadden Sea is our countries most special nature area, but many young people don't even know whats so special about it. To get these young people involved was the wish for this project. Our group was a first year high school class. During mapping they found out about a special nature area near their town. They were not aware of this area and were very excited to inform other people about it. Please have a look at our project video:

Our Plan

The students wanted to inform more people about the Eems-Dollard estuary, a very special nature area connected to the Dutch Wadden Sea. They especially wanted to reach tourists that travel through the area with the ferry. Therefore they created an information panel and asked the Dutch director of the ferry company if it could be placed in the terminal. Also primary schools were involved; The students visited primary schools to teach them about the area. They informed their peers through a Facebook page about the project.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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