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The Problem

We are a roots and shoots community attending an international school in Istanbul. Being a school our students spend a great amount of time browsing the web to complete their school work. Our goal for this project is to raise awareness about a sustainable search engine named "Ecosia"which plants trees for every 2-3 searches through the money they make off of ad revenue. Our ultimate wish is to have every student in the school use Ecosia as their primary search engine so that they can be doing their school work while reforesting trees at the same time.

Our Plan

First, in order to raise awareness we will prepare informational posters around the school so students are informed about the search engine. This poster will include fun facts about the search engine as well as a tutorial about how to make it your default browser. Once these posters are hung around the school we will visit classrooms in school to give a brief presentation about the search engine and teach students how to install the browser as their default.

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