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The Problem

My wish for this project is to help save gorillas in the wild as well as help educate others about how recycling cell phones is an easy way to help save the environment.

Our Plan

I volunteer at the Oklahoma City Zoo, which is partnered with another company in hopes to help gorilla habitat through recycling old cell phones. The metal tungsten is a metal commonly used in cell phones, which is mined for in gorilla habitats. By recycling old cell phones, the company the zoo partners with can extract the metal and put it towards making cell phones for 3rd world countries so that the mining does not have to be increased as technological advancements increase. The main goal is listed above but I also wish to educate people about the idea of EcoCell recycling and make them realize how simple it can be to help the environment. I will achieve this by using the resources that the OKC Zoo has offered to the public and getting as many people to participate as possible by spreading the word!

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