Eco Solar House – Campus Verde, Mayagüez, PR.

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    Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
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The Problem

Eco Solar House was developed in 2005 and was rebuilt in 2012, for having hurt entirely by termites. Dr. Jane Goodall opened in March 2015 Eco Solar House in a ceremony where a banana was planted symbol of conservation and environmental and natural preservation. The Eco House Solar is an example of sustainable living, where people can learn to change their patterns to more sustainable livelihoods and environmental conservation. Ecologically and appear naturally, we can make several changes in our common habits of living. We want people to visit our project after having it fully established so that they can learn through visits lectures and workshops as changing our patterns of consumption and housing. We show photovoltaic systems with solar panels to supply solar energy. Home gardens and aquaponic with spices and vegetables. Fruit trees near the house with signs to identify their names. Natural cleaning products, cooking vegetarian menus, energy efficient appliances, household products such as organic mattres, towels, sheets and curtains, wall paint without odor or chemicals. Linoleum floor made of organic material, no chemicals or harmful to health products. Our educational and demonstrative plan plans include digital interactive demonstrations, library books in sustantabilidad conservation and environmental, eco friendly recipes food and cleaning products, graphic arts related to the subject, products made from recyclable materials among others.

Our Plan

Our project has been one of research and development where the university administration from the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez and departments such as Engineering and Business Administration have collaborated and provided support. Student associations UPRM Green Campus, Green Buildings and Sustainability RUM Group, UNICEF RUM Team, Student Campus Green has given his labor to complete the work. The visit of Dr. Jane Goodall in March 2015 to the Eco Solar House where environmental projects exhibited by elementary, high school, college and environmental organizations. It was the best way to show the participants of this activity and the same Dr. Goodall all the good things we were doing in the west area of Puerto Rico. We are grateful for your visit and want to do more things in our Eco Solar House where we can educate people for the good of our planet.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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