Eco Freak’s No Waste Recycling Campaign

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    North Hollywood, California
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The Problem

North Hollywood High School's Eco Freaks Club hopes to organize, plan, and conduct a no waste recycling campaign that will inform and encourage students in the North Hollywood community to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Through E-waste recycling brigades, bottles and cans collections, textile drives, composting systems, and more, Eco Freaks intends to make our campus greener and eco-friendly while showing students that recycling is fun and has many benefits. Through a recycling campaign, Eco Freaks will film and launch a video tutorial on how to properly recycle and present it schoolwide, distribute recycling bins to all classrooms with instructional flyers indicating what is and isn't recyclable, and finalize a sustainability plan that will ensure the recycling program's longevity. We hope that, by establishing a recycling program on campus, the North Hollywood community will strive to do its part in keeping the planet green.

Our Plan

By investing a lot of effort and planning into marketing and promotional advertisements, Eco Freaks plans to find innovative ways to get the North Hollywood community to reduce, reuse, and recycle. By connecting with the school's ASB Leadership, Eco Freaks will expand marketing through the production and dissemination of recycling posters. By reaching out to the Los Angeles Conservation Corps' Recycling, Eco Freaks will solidify a partnership with the Corps in hopes to receive profit from collected recyclables. By distributing recycling bins throughout all classrooms on campus, Eco Freaks hopes to promote good recycling habits. And by constituting a sustainability plan, Eco Freaks hopes to make recycling a permanent feature on campus.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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